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Indonesia Liquor merupakan salah satu store minuman import di jakarta,kami menjual minuman jenis yang kami jual antara lain Vodka

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Absolut Vodka is a classic tasting vodka distilled from winter wheat. The recipe is over 30 years old and the bottle design is based on an 18th century medicine flask. ..
The Elix Single Estate Vodka is Absolut's answer to the craft spirits movement. If vodka fans are interested in locally-produced, handcrafted spirits, then why shouldn't Sweden's largest distillery join the party? All the ingredients and production s..
Absolut Mandrin was launched in 1999, 20 years after Absolut Vodka. It’s the fourth flavored Absolut product after Absolut Peppar, Absolut Citron and Absolut Kurant. And since mandarin and orange are among the most popular flavors in the world, Absol..
Grey Goose was created to be the World's Best Tasting Vodka. The origins of Grey Goose lie in the Cognac region of western France, a natural home for the World's Best Tasting Vodka. Grey Goose is the only vodka that calls on the expertise of a Maitre..
The number one Vodka brand, triple distilled for purity and quality. ..
Absolut Apeach Vodka is smooth and mellow with a sophisticated and fruity character of peach. ..